Friday, August 20, 2010

Penis Exercises For Strengthening the Penis Naturally

Penis Enlargement Exercises to Increase Size & Penis Exercises For Strengthening the Penis Naturally

There are two groups of techniques applied to the process of exercising the penis. One group is to enlarge the member while the other group adopts techniques to improve the sexual performance of the manhood. For a man looking to naturally add excitement to his sex life, a combination of both groups of exercises will add both size and performance. A larger penis also results in more self confidence.

While exercising provides performance benefits and size, they are also very popular for their safety as they are completely natural. Exercises when followed properly are not only safe but in fact actually improve the health of the penis by promoting good blood flow circulation, the determining factor in both size and performance.

The following Penis Enlargement Exercises help one achieve gains in length.

  • Wet Milking - Warm up and lubricate your member. Get a 50%-60% erection. Make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and firmly grip the penis at the base of the shaft with your palm facing out. Move the grip as if you were milking the penis until you reach below the head. Alternate with the other hand. Repetitions to be done are dependent on which stage of enlargement you are in although beginners will be required to do this about 75 times for each hand. There are many more advanced workouts to increase length although they are NOT to be used in the initial period when exercises only like the one just mentioned above should be used.

Penis Exercises for strengthening.
  • Erection Strengthening - This exercise will need you to use the PC muscle (This is the muscle that you can find by trying to stop the flow of urine half way, the muscle that you contract to stop the urine flow is the PC muscle). Once you have figured out how to control the PC muscle, you should start strengthening penis erections by performing multiple contractions of the PC muscle. Beginners can probably do only 3 sets of 25 contractions to start with and then work their way up to larger repetitions and more advanced exercises.

The strength and size of the penis gradually increase over a period of about eight weeks although the gains and strength achieved remain for life. One of the most important factors involved in getting good results from an exercise program is the discipline with which a program is followed.

A good program will provide you with very organized schedule that will guide you though numerous exercises in various stages such as introduction, beginner,standard and then advanced or customer workout stages. A professional program puts together a schedule which has been tried and tested with several thousand members having already used their services satisfactorily.


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